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I'm a title.

2014 Order of Ikkos Award Recipient


Presented by the US Olympic Committee as an excellence in coaching award in recognition of the coaching support provided by Jason Hartman to two-time bronze medalist Steve Langton following the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games

Order of Ikkos Jason Hartman


  • 2014 Olympic 4-man Bobsled Bronze Medalist

  • 2014 Olympic 2-man Bobsled Bronze Medalist

  • 2012 2-man Bobsled World Champion​

  • 2012 4-man Bobsled World Champion

  • 2011 World Push Champion

  • 2014, 2010 US Olympic Team

  • 4-time National Push Champion

Steven D. Langton


Over the course of my athletic career I have been privileged to have worked with numerous reputable, talented strength coaches. That being said, I can say without hesitation that no one has positively impacted my athletic career more so than Remote Strength Coach. As a world class strength coach, his pragmatic approach to training is both practical and potent and has helped guide my career to two world championship victories, a world push championship title and an Olympic berth over the course of the past 6 years.

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Noelle Pikus-Pace


Remote Strength Coach is by far the best strength and conditioning coach I have ever had the privilege to work with. As a mother of two, I am now faster and stronger than I was when I competed in Division 1 track and field. As an Olympian in the sport of skeleton (we sprint 40 meters, dive head first onto a sled and travel 90 mph down a Bobsled track), we win and lose races by one hundredth of a second. Remote Strength Coach's knowledge and skill in building a program specific to my needs have enabled me to sprint faster than ever and have my most successful season to date. Whether you want to get stronger, get faster or just get into better shape, Remote Strength Coach is the coach for you.


  • 2014 Olympic Skeleton Silver Medalist

  • 2007 Skeleton World Champion

  • 2005 Skeleton World Cup Champion

  • 2014, 2010 US Olympic Team


  • 2014 Olympic Luge Bronze Medalist

  • 2009 Luge World Champion​

  • 2014, 2010, 2006 US Olympic Team

  • 3 Time National Champion

  • 2 Time Junior National Champion

Erin Hamlin


Remote Strength Coach has been irreplaceable as a strength and conditioning coach. He trained me to a World Championship title and my first world cup medals. I continue to make gains even after being in my sport for almost 13 years. Being an elite athlete takes both physical and mental strength, so having someone to successfully aid me in both areas is an incredible asset. Knowing I have somebody so devoted and committed to my success gives me the mindset that I can accomplish anything.

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