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​​Mission Statement: To share proven world-class online strength and conditioning coaching with the aspiring athlete and fitness enthusiast.

Tastings, Workshops & Classe aims to serve the global physical training community with professional strength and conditioning products, services, and free content. The cornerstone of is in the integrity and experiences of our contributors. All contributors have verifiable experiences working with world-class athletes. We stand for a higher training ideal and you should expect that any information, product, or service offered at will always be created utilizing the same scientific basis, logic, and sensibility that has helped to develop some of the world's most physically prepared athletes.


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“If you are completely satisfied with your current fitness and athletic performance, we at genuinely applaud you for realizing your physical goals. However, if you know your physical potential is unfulfilled, let us take the reigns on your training program. Our team will eliminate all guesswork by planning and monitoring your training exactly like we do for our world class athletes. Let's get to work on your goals."



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