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The custom training program Design service allows you to commission a customized training program to be built based on your individual goals and needs. 

Custom Training Program Design

Product option
  • -Cost is on a per month basis ($65.00/month)

    -Service includes: Strength and conditioning training program.

    -Service does not include: annual training calendar, training progress monitoring, coaching feedback.

    -Additional questions regarding the service are welcome and can be directed to

    Disclaimer: The advice offered by this service is for educational purposes only; the user should be cautioned that there is an inherent risk assumed by the participant with any form of physical activity. With that in mind, those participating in a strength and conditioning program should consult with their physician prior to initiating any such activities. Anyone participating in these activities should understand that physical training may be dangerous if performed incorrectly. assumes no liability for injury; this is an educational service to guide those already proficient with the demands of strength and conditioning programming.
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