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Recap: Getting Started Series and What's Up Next

We recently completed a 10 part Getting Started Series here on The getting started series can help any trainee, whether a novice or advanced, get started on building a comprehensive training plan or fill in any gaps in their existing plan. Too many trainees want to skip past the basics of sound evidence-based trained and try a novel training approach that their buddy at the gym told them about. From someone who has trained recreational exercisers, developing athletes, and some of the best athletes in the world in their respective sport, I will tell you that all parties respond best to basic evidence-based training. While sport and exercise science will never stop growing and continued advances will be made, we already have a wealth of proven principles that we should all be following for enhancing our physical development. The getting started series highlights many of these proven principles and can help anyone get started down the right track. Below I’ll recap our 10 part series for anyone who missed it.

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Getting Started Part 1- Defining A Purpose (Without a strong purpose for training, adherence to the training plan often suffers)

Getting Started Part 2- Goal Setting (Specific goals will help to focus your training plan)

Getting Started Part 3- Long-Term Planning (Figure out how you want to perform at key dates and plan backwards to get there)

Getting Started Part 4- Monthly Planning (Organize your training into monthly blocks with a specific focus)

Getting Started Part 5- Weekly Planning (Organize your training week to include appropriate stress and rest)

Getting Started Part 6- Daily Planning (The order of exercise can greatly impact performance)

Getting Started Part 7- Exercise Selection (Figure out what is going to give you the best bang for your buck)

Getting Started Part 8- Set/Rep Structure (This dictates what adaptation you get from your training)

Getting Started Part 9- Energy Systems (Conditioning is more than doing work until you are tired)

Getting Started Part 10- Periodization (A strategy to manipulate stress and rest for the best results)

Up next on will be a 5 part series on Recovery. Most trainees put all their attention into the training and forget about the importance of rest and recuperation. Our recovery series will give you the understanding to take care of your body and maximize the adaptation process.

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