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London Times: Rucking for Fitness

Below you can find a recent article from the London Times. I was used as a source for the article that discusses "Rucking, Ruck Marching, or Tabbing as the Brits call it" as a popular new fitness trend. Rucking is unique to the military, with the closest civilian version of this activity being backpacking. The loads that are generally carried in the military far exceed the loads commonly carried while backpacking. I do believe rucking can be a great workout for almost anyone. Carrying a weighted load can be great for an older population that needs to try to preserve bone density. For younger go-getters there is no doubt you can get your heart rate up every bit as high as a running workout if you have a heavy enough pack and walk at a brisk pace. Beyond the cardiovascular benefits, I think the full body stability and support that you build by moving under a load is fantastic for just about anyone. There are countless injuries that occur due to poor hip stability, so this could be a welcomed addition to anyone in need of some preventative maintenance work. If for no other reason than to break up the monotony of jogging, give rucking a shot.

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